Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways

“Jim, check it out. There she is.” Sean’s voice floated out of the darkness of Jim’s driveway.

Jim grabbed a red shop towel and wiped his hands. Satisfied, he picked his beer up off the edge of the truck bed and walked out of the bright garage to where Sean stood in the dark. Across the street, illuminated in the window by the light over her kitchen sink, was his neighbor. She worked in a steady rhythm, cleaning the dishes and, he presumed, loading them into the dishwasher. A pale pink t-shirt with a deep v-neck displayed her smooth, tan skin and round breasts.

Reaching into his shirt pocket, Jim pulled a pack of cigarettes out, flipped the top open and shook one free. Lifting the pack to his mouth, he grabbed the cigarette with his lips. The pack went back in his pocket. He thumbed the wheel of his lighter, drawing a quiet snick and a flame. Squinting against the glare, Jim dipped the cigarette into the lighter’s fiery heart. A deep breath made the tip flare briefly before morphing into a dull orange coal. Jim savored the hit a moment before he exhaled.

His attention moved back to the faint sounds of music drifting across the street. He watched her move in time to the beat. Night after night, he stood in the shadows and watched her work. Until she’d moved in, he never knew that a woman might actually enjoy doing things in the kitchen. His mother hated cooking, cleaning, anything domestic. One of his mother’s favorite sayings was, ‘Every damn day you people get hungry! And you want something different every damn day!’

But, this woman, his neighbor, put music on and danced her way through her chores. She got into it and she played it loud. Those hips of hers, they had a life of their own. And a smile, always a smile on her face.

Jim leaned against one of the cars in his driveway. With his thumb hooked into his pocket for support, he held his beer against his thigh, fingers curled around the neck of the bottle. He stood deep in the shadows, smoking and just watching.

What would it take?’ he wondered. ‘What could I do to get her attention?

“Man, I’d almost live with your mom just to come out here every night and watch her,” Sean said.

Jim’s reply was another drag on his cigarette.

“Almost,” Jim said after a moment, never taking his eyes off the window across the street.


“I said, ‘almost’. You’d almost live with my mother.” Taking a final drag, Jim flicked his cigarette to the concrete and crushed it under his boot.

“Yeah, I don’t think there’s any chick out there worth living with your Ma for, Jim.”

Jim chuckled in agreement and finished his beer.

“Hey, man. I gotta get going. I gotta be at work at seven tomorrow morning,” Sean said.

“Alright, thanks for the help, man. We’ll have the truck running by the end of the month.”

Sean pushed himself off the tarp-covered vehicle in the driveway and gave Jim a jive-style handshake.
“Tomorrow?” Sean asked, shooting double handguns at Jim, thumbs up, index fingers out.

“Ah, I can’t tomorrow. I’m working the closing shift. Sunday works though. I’m off.”

“Sweet. See you Sunday?”

“For sure.”

Jim watched Sean lope over to his car and get in. He pulled another cigarette out of the pack and lit it. Sean revved the engine twice before peeling away from the curb. Jim shook his head in amusement and drew on his cigarette, eyes back on the window across the street.

The woman looked up from her dishes to watch Sean’s car drive away. Even though he was hidden deep in the shadows where she couldn’t possibly see him, Jim could swear she looked right at him for half a minute before she turned away to finish her work. The woman turned out the light and he lost sight of her.

After her house went dark, Jim stayed on the driveway, finishing his last cigarette before heading inside to bed.

On Saturday night, Jim flicked the last switch, shutting off the lights to the big sign out front, his final act before clocking out for the night. He locked up the doors of the shop and headed out across the deserted parking lot. His truck was the only vehicle nearby. The parking lot of the Mexican restaurant across the way was packed full of Saturday night revelers but the crowd of cars hadn’t yet spilled over near the auto shops where Jim worked.

Jim climbed into the cab of his truck, stuck the key in the ignition and fired it up. He goosed the gas pedal several times, revving the engine, before trusting it to stay running. While he waited for it to warm up, he lit a cigarette and smoked half of it before dropping the transmission into drive and pulling out of the lot.

It was late when he parked along the curb in front of his house. Jim sat in his truck for a few minutes after cutting the engine, finishing his smoke. He flicked the dead butt out the window before climbing out.

Instead of going inside to his room, he slammed the door of the truck and walked to the front of it, looking toward the woman’s house. Her kitchen window was dim but not all the way dark. Light from somewhere deep in the house cast a faint glow through the window. It was too late for her to be up doing housework. He leaned up against the front fender, bending one leg so he could rest his foot against the dull chrome bumper.

Jim reached over and patted the pocket of his work shirt, feeling for his cigarettes. Finding them, he pulled the pack out and shook one loose. He lit it, tilting his head back as he drew the smoke into his lungs. The fingers of his left hand spread the pocket of his work shirt open to receive the pack from his right hand. Eyes back on her window, Jim exhaled the smoke and thought about her.

The street was dark and quiet, his Chevy’s engine ticking as it cooled the only sound. Taking another drag off the cigarette, he whispered into the dark.

“Where are you?”

As if by magic, her shadowy form moved across the darkened kitchen window. She stood in profile, a man in her embrace. The woman’s head tilted back, allowing the man to kiss her neck. Her long hair trailed down and out of view.

The man lifted her shirt to kiss her bare breasts. She watched him suck her nipples, the expression on her face telling Jim that she enjoyed the man’s attention. His neighbor ran her fingers through her lover’s hair before stroking the man’s face and bringing it to hers for another kiss.

Jim grew hard watching the woman’s eager participation. In the soft light, she undid the buttons of the man’s shirt, pushing it aside so she could run her hands over his body. She played with his nipples before kissing her way down the man’s stomach.

Jim rubbed his stiff cock through his work pants, never taking his eyes off the woman. She twined her arms around the man’s neck, pulling him close for another kiss. With his mouth still on hers, the man picked her up and carried her out of Jim’s view.

Jim stood against his truck for another couple of minutes before deciding that the show was over for the night. He made his way inside the house and into his darkened room. With the door to his bedroom locked, Jim stripped off his grease-stained work shirt and dropped it to the floor. He toed off his boots. A quick tug on his belt buckle released the catch so Jim could pull his belt out of the loops. His pants, socks, and underwear went on the floor in a messy heap.

Jim hadn’t bothered to turn on the light when he came in. Reaching out, he flipped his stereo on, keeping it quiet so his mom wouldn’t come down the hall and start bitching at him. He flopped down naked on his bed, pale orange light from the streetlamp pooling on his sheets, while he thought about her.

In all the months since she’d moved in, tonight was the first time he’d seen anyone over at her place. And getting it on with her, no less. Jim played back the scene of the mystery man removing her shirt. Reaching down, he grasped his cock in his fist, slowly working the length of it while he imagined being the woman’s lover.

Her nipples would taste faintly of cherry and her breasts would be warm and firm in his palms. He saw himself kissing her bare belly before peeling her panties down until she could step out of them. Jim stroked harder, closing his eyes. He turned his head to the side, pushing it into his pillow. Music from his stereo drowned out the heavy sounds of his breathing. In his mind, the woman stood before him, nude, waiting for his cock.

Jim imagined the feel of her bare ass in his hands when lifted her to the edge of the kitchen sink. He thought of her kissing him while she undid the button on his jeans and unzipped his pants, pushing them off his hips. His cock would jut out, tribute to his desire.

“Fuck me, Jim,” she begged in his mind

His fingers would make dimples in the flesh of her hips when he grasped her body and lifted her onto him. He imagined sliding into her tight wet pussy at the same time his fist gripped harder against his cock, trying to keep up with the fantasy. The imagined feel of her breath was hot against his ear.

Jim stroked faster, hips rising off the mattress until he climaxed thick ropes of cum across his stomach. He lay there a minute to get his breath back before feeling around for something to wipe himself with. Finding his work shirt, he pulled it up and used it to clean the mess. Tossing the shirt back on the floor, Jim rolled over and went to sleep.

On Sunday, Sean came over and they spent the day working on the truck. There wasn’t any time to think about the woman across the street. They worked until the light faded out of the sky and Sean had to leave so he could get some sleep before working the graveyard shift.

After Sean left, Jim spent some time organizing the tools and parts and cleaning up. They were very close to finishing the project. By the end of next weekend, they might even be able to get the truck to fire up. It always gave Jim a sense of satisfaction when he was able to take something that was broken, not running, and fix it, make it work, make it worthwhile.

Jim hung the last tool on the pegboard and washed his hands with pumice soap in the laundry sink, removing much of the built-up grease. Twisting the spigot off, he grabbed a shop towel off the pile near the laundry and dried his hands. The used towel found its way onto the growing dirty pile near the washing machine.

He strode out of the garage onto his driveway, lit a cigarette and exhaled the smoke into the dark night air. At the end of his driveway, Jim sat down on the low block wall that divided the driveway from the walkway to the front door and looked across the street to her window. It was dark. Unusual for this time of night. Normally, she’d be highlighted in the window doing the dishes.

He took another deep drag off the cigarette, holding it in, remembering the previous night. Was her lover over again tonight? Was that why she wasn’t doing her chores? He could only imagine. He exhaled another long stream of smoke into the cool night air.

“Do you think you could spare me one of those cigarettes, Jimmy?” The woman’s disembodied voice floated across the dark street.

He looked down from the angle of her window, searching for the source.

She sat on the curb in front of her house looking at him.

Adrenaline gave his heart a kick-start. Unable to think of anything to say, Jim took another drag off his smoke.

The woman glanced away, a smile breaking her face, and then looked back at him, waiting. The silence stretched on.

“Well?” she asked. “I haven’t got all night. Can I bum a smoke off you or not?”

Realizing that this might be his opportunity, he went for it.

“You know, smoking cigarettes is bad for you.” He said, hoping for cool and feeling he came up short. Jim rose and stepped off the sidewalk, heading toward her. He dropped down next to her on the curb. She looked good, wearing jeans and a low cut white tank top with thin straps.

“So is crossing the street without bothering to look both ways. If I didn’t want a smoke I wouldn’t have asked you, Jimmy.”

There it was again. The woman’s familiar use of his name had him intrigued because he’d never done anything more than watch her from his driveway.

He reached into his shirt pocket to retrieve the soft-sided pack. A practiced flick of his wrist produced a single cigarette from within. With a smile, she leaned over to grasp the end of it with her lips, never taking her eyes from his. He saw her amusement when he realized she wore no bra.

The pack went back into Jim’s shirt pocket. Straightening his leg to smooth out his pant’s pocket, he slid his hand in to retrieve his lighter. He was about to flick it when she curled her hand over his and pushed it down.

“Don’t do that. Just lean over and give me a monkey fuck,” she said.

His eyebrows shot up in surprise.

“You know what a monkey fuck is, don’t you, Jimmy?”

He didn’t say anything, just took a deep drag off his smoke, torching the tip before exhaling and leaning forward so she could light her cigarette off the end of his.

She slid her hand into his lap. Jim’s cigarette almost fell from his lips when the tips of their cigarettes met and she began stroking him through his jeans. He covered her hand with his, holding it in place, not wanting her to stop. Jim pulled his smoke out of his mouth with his free hand where it smoldered, forgotten between his fingers.

She continued stroking him while she smoked. The only sounds were a distant dog’s barking, Jim’s rapid breathing, and the hiss of his forgotten cigarette when it fell from his fingers into the slow trickle of water in the gutter. When she finished smoking, she flicked her butt into the street and leaned against him. Her lips found the side of his neck just below his ear.

“Why don’t you come inside with me?” she whispered and got up from the curb to walk up her driveway toward the garage.

Jim followed. She had the garage door halfway up. He watched her disappear inside. Approaching the garage, Jim bent at the waist and ducked under the door, sliding into the inky blackness within.

Afraid to take a step for fear of tripping in the dark, he stood waiting for his eyes to adjust. It was quiet and he wondered if she’d already gone into the house. When Jim’s eyes adjusted enough, he could just make out a thin line of light where the door into the house was.

A shadow crossed the bar of light, blocking it and the woman was on him. She reached her hands out and laid them flat against his shirt, running them up over his chest in the darkness. Reaching into his shirt pocket, she removed his cigarettes and tossed them aside. The pack landed with a quiet skid somewhere to his left. Her fingers found the buttons of his shirt and began undoing them. She worked fast and soon had them all undone.

Jim helped her along by shrugging the material off his shoulders. He couldn’t see her in the dark, didn’t need to. Warm fingers slid into the waistband of his jeans and tugged, pulling him closer. He was breathing hard, mouth open when her lips touched his. Jim groaned into her mouth. With quick hands, she undid Jim’s belt buckle, the button on his pants, the zipper.

He stood still letting her do everything. Her eager fingers wrapped around his cock. She stroked him with one hand, her mouth finding his. With her free hand, she pinched his nipples making him groan with each painful tweak.

Jim’s stomached tightened against the pressure building inside him.

He clamped both hands over her wrist, halting her strokes before he came. In between kissing her, he managed to stammer out, “Let’s go inside.” He felt her nod in response.

Pulling her wrist free, she took his hand and led him from the dark garage into the house. They passed by the kitchen window where he’d spent countless hours watching her from afar. She turned a corner and they were in her bedroom.

The woman pushed him down onto her bed. Off balance, Jim landed on his back with a grunt. Prying his work boots off allowed her to snake his jeans off his legs. Undressed, he pushed himself backward so that he was all the way on her bed. The faint perfume of lavender soap scented her pillow.

Leather hissed through fabric, followed by quiet jingling as she pulled her belt free from the loops of her jeans. She undid the button and zipper. He expected her to take the jeans off. Instead, she climbed onto the bed, dragging her body against his as she made her way up. When she pulled level with him, she lay her whole body down on his, covering him, and kissed him again, her tongue exploring his mouth. She rocked against his cock in time to his breathing.

His hands sought the bare skin of her waist in the small gap between her shirt and her jeans. Wanting to have some control over her movement against him, he slid his hands into her waistband and down over her ass. An explosion went off in Jim’s stomach when his hands encountered only bare skin. No panties.

He gripped her bare ass and pulled her against him before sliding his hands up over the curve of her hips. He repeated the motion, hands hindered by her jeans, on the edge of losing control again.

“Ah, you’re so fucking sexy,” he said.

Jim pulled her tight against him, slowing her motion, trying to back down. She eased up the pressure on his cock and trailed her mouth along his neck, sucking and biting. Breaking away for a moment, she whipped her tank top off revealing her bare breasts and shook her jeans free of her legs.

Straddling him, she twined her fingers through his. Using the advantage, she raised his arms over his head and pinned them against her pillow. The woman brought her body down so that their chests met. Jim’s skin rippled with pleasure when she first bit then kissed his shoulder. She slid lower, trailing her fingers down the underside of his arms. Her tongue flashed out, flicking across his nipples, swirling lower to dip into his navel. She kept going until she reached his cock.

Tossing her head to the side to clear her hair away from her face, she stroked him slowly before taking him in her mouth. The sensation almost sent him over. He fought it, his hands keeping her hair off her face while he watched her suck. She released him just before he came and climbed up next to him on the bed.

“Kiss me, Jimmy.”

He rolled over onto his side and stroked her face before bringing his mouth to hers. He caressed one breast then the other and ran his thumbs over her nipples, feeling their excited hardness. She was more beautiful than he’d imagined, her skin smooth and soft, just a hint of roundness to her belly.

He kissed her some more while he stroked her bare skin. She was breathing fast, arching up when he dragged his fingertips in light circles up and down her body. Her hips rose off the bed, straining to meet his fingers on their descent but he kept stopping just short of her pussy.

Unable to wait any longer, she grabbed his hand and forced it between her thighs. He slid his fingers into her slick folds. Her moans urged him on. When he slipped two fingers inside her, she clamped her legs together and held him there while she fucked his hand.

He moved to get on top of her but she pushed him back down. Sliding her leg over his hips, she sat up and began rocking herself against his cock. She wouldn’t allow him to enter her while she teased his nipples with her fingertips. He grasped her hips, working to get inside but she held him back.

Looking down at him she asked, “Do you want to fuck me, Jimmy?”


“What’s my name?”

Jim had no idea, none. He pulled her against him harder, straining to push into her. She held him back with the strong muscles of her thighs.

“What’s my name?”

He didn’t know what to say but he could tell she expected an answer.

“I don’t know.”

She let him slip the tip of his cock into her pussy. Jim groaned at the heat of her body.

“You don’t have a problem with fucking a woman whose name you don’t even know?”

Jim’s mind was like molasses, thick and dark. He couldn’t think—only feel. He tried to force her down farther on his cock but she was very strong. She pulled herself up, letting him slip out.

“I’ve never met you before,” he said.

She slid back against him, taking him a little deeper.

His breath exploded out of his chest.

“Do you jerk yourself off and fantasize about me after you’ve spied on me?”


She kept him poised there, only allowing a little penetration.

“Did you jerk off last night after watching me and my friend?”


“Do you watch me every night, Jimmy?”

“How do you know my–”

The questions were over. She sat all the way back, sliding down the entire length of his cock and his question died on his lips. She worked herself against him, finding a position that suited her. The woman braced her arms against his chest for leverage. The weight of her pushing down made it hard for Jim to draw a full breath, heightening his awareness. He felt her orgasm building as she drew herself all the way up his cock and sank back down.

Jim watched a look of ecstasy he’d never seen in any porn film spread across her face. Her breathing filled the air with short, excited bursts. She sped up, grinding against him. A sheen of sweat coated her skin. The woman’s head titled back when she began to come, her long hair tickling his thighs. Jim groaned at the feel of her pussy clenching hard around his cock. The sound of her orgasm finished him off.

“I’m going to come, too,” he whispered.

The woman quickly dismounted and took his cock in her mouth. Jim’s hips rose off the bed when her lips and tongue glided down his length. He came hard, shooting hot streams down her throat. She took all of him, sucking until he was dry and his hips had stopped moving beneath her.

Slipping his cock from between her lips, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. With a big smile, she stretched out next to him, her fingertips playing across his chest.

“Meredith,” she said. “My name is Meredith.”

  1. Ragav says:

    Excellent story written in a very erotic manner. Hope to read more such stories where women play the initiator and play a proactive role.

  2. Absolutely delightful. Drives (as it were) straight through to the end, but we know enough ( which is admittedly very little) about the characters to care about what’s going to happen. Not to mention that the story is hot, too. Thanks for sharing it.

    ~ JBB

  3. Melissa McDaniel says:

    Just read “Simon says” I melt with your words. I love the way you write! Was very sensual and naughty! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

    • Alice Gray says:

      Hi Melissa! I love it when someone takes the time to let me know they’ve enjoyed my writing. I hope to start posting new erotica in 2014 so I hope you’ll come back soon!

    • Nice and short Erotic story Alice. l imagine where the story will glide to now that the two are well acquainted…sexually speaking. I look forward to reading more Of Your Stories.

      • Alice Gray says:

        They are a strange and vibrant pair, these two. I wouldn’t say they bring out the best in each other. Their relationship is more than a little complicated. I enjoy them very much.

  4. David says:

    Great story Alice, erotic definitely. As a piece of writing it had some very good elements. The build up of sexual tension was mirrored by the build up of tension regarding the mystery of the woman. Finding out her name being the last sentence, we find out after she has come – (everything spent, everything known)

    The reference to smoking as a means of communication ie the glowing tip was the light that she observed that told her he was interested created another level of tension but for me I got that the second time you mentioned it, after that I thought references to smoking was overdone and a bit boring.

    As a man I find Meredith very attractive and exciting and I would love to meet her. It is her attitude and playfulness that I find attractive, as well as her sexual knowledge and prowess of course. I could see this developing into a longer more involved story where we learn more about her as a woman, what has made her so confident, assertive and strong.

    • Alice Gray says:

      Hi David,

      Thank you so much for sending your thoughts. You are not the first person to mention the overdone aspect of the smoking. That area could stand for a rewrite, I agree. This is one of my very first pieces of erotic fiction and one of the least polished.

      I find it interesting that you see these two developing into a larger story because, in fact, they already have. There is a lengthy history between them however I have not publicly released any of their subsequent encounters. I’ve considered featuring them as an ongoing series and yet I hesitate. They are very personal to me, somehow, and I horde them for myself.

      Like you, I find Meredith sexy and exciting. She is one of my favorite characters to be when I write.

  5. David says:

    Interesting when it is very personal. Writing, I am finding, is so much an exploration of you the writer, but it doesn’t have to be the actual you, or it could be a small part of you that is in a character.

    Its great to explore what you could be in disguise of someone else, because lets face it we are a number of different people in different contexts behaving differently with different people. There is definitely more than one me!

    Generally I enjoy finding out about people doing new or strange things when out of their comfort zone. The exploring is so exciting and not doing it so boring.

    • Alice Gray says:

      I find all my writing very personal, an exposure of self. Perhaps it’s the subject matter on which I write. Each of my MC’s is a reflection of me, some more so than others. Meredith is interesting in that she is very intimate to me and yet I chose to write her in the third person, which is a rare POV for me.

      The single most fascinating aspect of writing a good story with good characters is when they tell me something I didn’t know or do something I didn’t expect. A perfect example is the end of ‘Simon Says’ where he kneels behind Veronica and uses her bound hands for his own pleasure. I had no idea he was going to do that. He just did it and I was quite surprised and thrilled by his actions as they spread out across my screen.

  6. casey says:

    I enjoyed it. Would be more interesting if they did more than just thrusting and oral. 69 and face sitting too. 😉

  7. Loved the story. Short, tight, concise. I’m just getting into erotic writing and found several points here that will help. I’m a “reformed” smoker and as such, wasn’t all that thrilled with the constant smoking but then, that’s me. I’ll read more of these. I’d love your take on my first erotic story on my blog: http://bit.ly/1m0u4YS. It’s more a novella than short story but I’ll be posting more soon!

  8. Kallen says:

    I enjoyed your story very much.
    The reference to smoking is fine, if as a reader
    You pay close attention, it begins to enlighten
    The character part, I have read everything I could get my hands on since a child. As an adult have read and translated books from Arabic, Persian, Japanese, Russian and Latin to English.
    You are very very good. Very descriptive with about as few words possible.
    If you allow your mind to go a little bit with Meredith and Jimmy you begin to understand references to smoking.

    Looking forward to the Full Story, yet, do understand if You want to keep it personal and to Yourself.

    • Alice Gray says:

      Ah, but you flatter me, sir. Thank you for your words of praise. As to the full story, let me consider releasing a few additional pieces. No promises though.

  9. david says:

    Let him come deep inside her

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