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Small Victory: the realmSMALL VICTORY:
the realm

I watch him draw the Gypsy’s skirts up over her hips, revealing the black curly thatch between her thighs. Her moans of pleasure send shivers down my spine to clash with the fear. I can’t take my eyes from the sight of his pale slender fingers sliding through the dark forest of her pubic hair.

Mon Dieu… voir les anges,” the Gypsy woman cries.

“Dirty or clean, there is more than one road to salvation, Herr Kleist. Good evening to you.” My glass finds my lips, the sting of the vodka echoing the fire he’s ignited between my thighs.

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f/m/m, historical erotica

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_ Simon SaysSIMON SAYS

With an urgent kiss, I pin her against the door. I need to feel her again the way we were on the dance floor. Her mouth. Her nipples. The soft skin of her belly. I can’t get enough. The smell of her hair. The soft sighs of her breath against my skin.

Her hand slides between my thighs. She slips her fingers under the edge of my panties and pushes into me.

Through the haze of excitement, I hear a faint jingling from Simon’s direction and think he has had enough of sitting quietly to the side. I imagine that he is undoing his belt buckle and pants so that he can begin to stroke himself. I am so wrong. He rises from his chair and comes to where I have her pinned against the door.

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f/f/m, bondage, submission, spanking

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The door is open. She is standing in the hallway, her back to the wall, waiting for him as though knowing he would show. Her dress shimmers in the dim light, drawing his eyes over her body. In a few steps, he is once again standing before her.

His eyes draw downward from the swell of her breasts: Her wrists are bound with black velvet-covered handcuffs.

Jesus God…

“Just for tonight. I’ll be whatever you desire,” she whispers.

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f/m, stranger sex

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The Trouble With Sofie


Sofie knew God didn’t exist but after six weeks without an orgasm she figured Ernie Pyle was onto something when he claimed there were no atheists in foxholes. She knew a thing or two about entrenched warfare, knew it all too well.

“Oh, please…for fuck’s sake…”

Sofie’s hips rose off the bed, two of her long slender fingers sliding deep within herself. The pad of her middle finger traced heavy circles over her swollen knotted clit grinding toward blessed release.

“I’m going…to die…if I don’t…”

come, it rhymes with numb which is exactly what happened to Sofie.

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masturbation, orgasm denial

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