Small Victory: the realm

Small Victory: the realm

Drawn into Hitler’s plan for the Final Solution, Katrin uncovers a sinister game of sex, lies, and murder where no one is who they seem and everyone is playing for keeps. Will her quest for justice cost her the ultimate sacrifice?

Small Victory:stefan's secret

Small Victory: stefan’s secret

“What excites you most? Is it the vile things I let him do to me or the simple thrill of watching?”

Katrin confronts her lover’s right-hand man after discovering his dirty little secret. Stefan’s response raises the stakes in Katrin’s tangled world of sex, lies and mass murder.

SMALL VICTORY:killing noam

Small Victory: killing noam

God damn him! I’d come to kill him but all I wanted was to touch him, taste him, feel him inside me. It had been so long since someone who cared about me rather than owned me had touched me.