“I’m very skilled in the art. If you aren’t interested, I’ll understand but I can help you.”

“Why do you care?” she asked.

He smiled again and the unfamiliar feeling grew stronger though she still couldn’t identify it.

“Origami is more than just folding pieces of paper.” He turned and disappeared between the stacks.

f/m, origami, Japanese folklore


Batman released his grip on Superman’s cock and seated the Kryptonite butt plug deep in Superman’s ass. The strength leached from Superman’s body and left him dangling by his wrists against the cross. A sheen of sweat coated his pale superhuman skin. Superman lay moaning and writhing, trying to rub his cock against the cross without success. It slashed against empty air.

m/m/m, slash fan-fic, BDSM


My mother spent a lot of time amusing herself. When I was younger, I had no idea what she meant. All I knew was that when she needed time to amuse herself, she’d retreat to the quiet confines of her bedroom and lock the door behind her.

Today, I only needed you. And today you were not available so I had to amuse myself.

female masturbation, fantasy, dildo

Jewels of the TideJEWELS OF THE TIDE

The darkness between her thighs swelled and changed becoming a physical mass, filling the space until her legs splayed wide in supplicant offering. Rising water formed a rip current that sucked at her clit with greedy pulls.

The shadow spread across her belly, rising up out of the brine. Jingo screamed, terror mixed with ecstasy as the shadow morphed into the fierce head of Ryujin and a swift stream of water forced its way deep into her cunt.

f/m, dragon god, Japanese mythology


I whirled to face him, furious with myself for letting my guard down while he was anywhere within a half-block radius, much less in the library.  The intoxicating scent of him filled my head, weakening my resolve with unexpected cruelty. I almost took him right there at the reference desk, the finest filament of my self-control the only thing standing between him and a horrifying end.

f/m, East Indian folklore, vampire, churel


Now you might be thinking I’m just another gold-digger willing to spread my legs for a taste of the good life, but you’d be wrong. I could give a rat’s ass about fancy clothes and exotic trips and diamond tennis bracelets. No, I’m only in this for the cars. I admit it, I’m a gearhead and let’s face it, men with money to burn drive the best cars. Like the stolen M5 whose Italian leather wheel currently graced my hands.

f/m, car fetish, illegal activity


Milla leaned in and sniffed at the man’s hair. The faint sweet smell of decay drifted up, like meat just on the edge of going bad. Either you ate it or you threw it away. If you ate it, you *knew* there was a chance you’d either be eating the best steak you’d ever had or you’d wind up puking your guts out. It was the same kind of gamble with the zombie bunnies.

f/m, zombies


I set my empty glass down and glanced out the window before turning my attention back to him. The last of my wine had failed to budge the lump of excitement lodged in my throat.

“Do you still want to do this?” I asked, heart pounding. Under the table, my hands fluttered in my lap, restless and excited.

“Yes, I still want to do this,” he said without hesitation.

“Should we go over the rules one more time?”

A slow smile spread across Garrett’s face. “Only if you need to.”

f/m, swinging

Caught in the ActCAUGHT IN THE ACT

A very beautiful, very naked and very dead woman lay bound to her bed.

“Raped?” Detective Johnson asked.

“Raped? No, but she’d recently had what appears to be consensual sexual intercourse. The ME says he’s pretty sure we won’t get a semen sample though.” Reynolds glanced briefly over at the body before continuing. “Good fuck or not, it looks like the victim practiced safe sex.”

“Does that look like safe sex to you, Reynolds?” Johnson asked.

f/m, murder mystery, blow job, voyeurism

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