1. Lady Nyo says:

    It’s good to read and see that people I knew years ago are still writing and seriously at it.

    My very best to you, Alice, for continuing to swim against the tide.

    Becoming a writer means chewing off the bits of chains and resistance around us….a slow process, but our work over the years must reflect this refining fire.

    That resistance is internal and external. and with our efforts, we change everything in our lives, hopefully for the better. It’s not that we gain a ‘tougher skin’ but we grow to trust ourselves and our voices.

    We grow and mature, and instead of fearing our natural aging, we can use it as a marker to the changes in ourselves and our work.

    Lady Nyo

    • Alice Gray says:

      Lady Jane!

      What a wonderful surprise to hear from you again! It’s been far too long. I think of you often and with great affection. I hope you are well and writing still.

      Many hugs,


      • Lady Nyo says:

        Hiya Alice!

        I think of you, too. You are such a wonderfful writer. I’m glad to see you still at it. So many fall by the wayside. For so many reasons.

        I’m publishing my forth book next week: “Pitcher of Moon” (poetry again) and I don’t recommend publishing 4 books in 5 years. It’s a recipe for pea soup of the brain. I am fortunate to have some old buddies from ERWA…Bill Penrose (Dangerous Bill) and Nick Nicholson, bot tremendous writers to guide me , comment, over look my jabberings and format my books.

        Nick is on a world tour in Sept….from Australia, to Prague, Paris, Vienna, NYC and to here in Atlanta to stay with us for a few days. He is taking back my 5th book (god help him…) “The Nightingale’s Song”…to do the formatting, publishing and all the photography himself. Bless him. I couldn’t do any of this stuff without them boys.

        My very best to you, Alice…and I am taking a few months off to read blogs, and yours to be the first.


  2. Lorrii says:

    Hey Alice!

    Lorri the cat here from authonomy!

    I’m going to be in San Francisco for a web usability conference this weekend. Shout me at my email if you’re free and can meet up for a coffee!



    • Alice Gray says:

      Lorri! Wow! Talk about a blast from the past! So sorry I missed you this weekend. We were out of town for a family reunion but hopefully next time we can meet up.

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